The Best Budget Manual Espresso Machine

There are two different types of manual espresso machines; spring piston lever and direct lever machine.

Features to Look for

Water tank

While buying a good manual espresso machine, ensure that the water tank is capable of pulling more than one or two shots before refilling.


Consider the machine with brass designed material.

Type of machine

You should consider either a direct lever or spring piston depending on your requirement.

Temperature regulation

When selecting the best machine, choose the one with a brewing temperature between 195F-205F for quality espresso.

The Best Budget Manual Espresso Machine

The loyal espresso fans, if you want to take full control of your machine brewing process, you stop thinking about the automatic machines and try manual ones.

#1. Microcasa a Leva Espresso

Microcasa is a chrome-colored beautiful espresso machine that weighs 25 pounds.


  • The machine makes perfect espresso daily (usually 3-5 shots maximum a day.
  • This lever is appropriate for those honing their artisanal talents in a quest for the liquid Holy Grail.
  • The machine is designed with wooden handles for easy grip while brewing.
  • The machine incorporates modern technology with safety features, temperatures, and pressure gauges.
  • Its sight glass is visible enabling you to see the amount of water left in the container.
  • The machine is made with a safety valve to release pressure whenever necessary.
  • It also has a heat exchanger that enables you to brew and steam simultaneously.

#2. Europiccola Espresso Machine

For the lovers of silver color, the Europiccola machine comes as a dream for you. This machine has designed that resembles antique machines from the early 19th century and is well-rated for perfect brewing.


  • The heating elements of Europiccola are stainless steel while the boiler is built in a nickel-plated chrome.
  • The machine can last for years especially if well maintained and cleaned regularly.
  • It corrects its temperature while using heating.
  • Its replacement parts are easy to get in many shops or our market.
  • The machine is small to fit your small environment-kitchen.
  • It does not require more energy while brewing.


  • A customer recently requested that the machine’s steamer temperature should be raised higher to equal some other machines.

#3. Flair Espresso Maker

Flair espresso is usually designed in black or red color with a general weight of 4.9 pounds. We reviewed and found that this machine is the best for customers who like movements for it is portable and of the lightweight.


  • Flair contains a burr grinder that is useful in the brewing of your beans.
  • The machine is 100% human-powered.
  • It is easy to clean this machine because of its detachable brewing head.
  • This machine is created in a patented design that allows users to separate some of its parts when they realize a technical problem.
  • The machine is made of durable materials such as cast aluminum and stainless steel.


  • There are complaints that it is difficult to through a clean Flair machine without disassembling.

#4. Rok Presso Manual Espresso Machine

We have reviewed and found that Rok Presso is a unique portable manual espresso maker that you should consider while making any order. The machine was launched in 2012 and hence equipped with the latest technology.


  • It is a solid sturdy machine designed to make the physical work of brewing more easily.
  • The machine has two levers to hold that work simultaneously in brewing.
  • The machine generates sufficient heat and pressure for espresso.
  • The machine is portable and good for traveling.
  • It does not require technical skills while using.


  • Rok is only capable of a single shot.

#5. Cafflano Kompresso Coffee Maker

Cafflano is 100% manual and has won many fans in the specialty coffee community that you cannot miss to be involved.


  • The machine is cheap and affordable with great features.
  • It is small to fit your kitchen environment.
  • Cafflano Kompressor is one of the smallest espresso machines that you can use anywhere to brew your coffee-portable.
  • Espresso shots are perfect and effective in brewing.
  • This machine can be cleaned easily.
  • The machine contains a decent burr grinder for squeezing your beans.


  • A client reported that the machine is difficult for use as it requires more energy that cannot be handled by pregnant women, children, or the sick one.
  • The machine offers a small capacity for larger families.

Reasons to Use a Manual Espresso Machine

You will not regret using manual espresso machines as it allows you to enjoy the highest quality of coffee at an affordable price.

By using the machines, you will literarily control the amount of pressure that pulls a shot of espresso.

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