Breville BES870XL Barista Express Espresso Machine Review

Breville BES870XL Barista Express is among the best semi-automatic espresso machines designed with highly customizable controls for experienced baristas.

Features of the Breville BES870XL

Pressure and Temperature Dials

  • The dials are set to select grind size and the amount ranges from fine to rough grinding. This feature enables you to choose the quantity of espresso required for your machine.

Integrated Conical Burr Grinder and half-pound Bean Hopper

  • Helps in maximizing the surface area of the grind thus optimizing flavor extraction from the bean.

Hands-Free Grinding Cradle

  • Helps in grinding espresso automatically until the required amount of coffee is dispensed.

Filter Size Button

  • Indicates whether you are using a single or double filter basket and determines the appropriate quantity of coffee to dispense.

Other features include a 54mm stainless steel portafilter, a 67fl .oz. removable water tank, a 15-bar pump, 360-degree swivel action steam wand, 54-mm tamper, and a weight of 23 pounds.

Benefits of using the Breville BES870XL model

  • Breville BES870XL Barista Express espresso machine works perfectly and can make up to 20 cups of espresso daily.
  • The machine is designed with all add-ons required for espresso.
  • It not only grind espresso bean but other types of beans by changing the grinder settings based on your requirements.
  • This brand can easily be cleaned by pouring a small amount of water through the group head to dislodge any grind in the machine.
  • The machine can deliver water at the correct temperature thus ensuring an optimal espresso extraction.
  • The steam wand of this machine enables you to remove texture microfoam from milk that determines the flavor and the creation of latte art.
  • The machine comes with a 16-ounce milk pitch that works great.

How the Machine Works

The Breville BES870XL barista express espresso machine contains an integrated conical burr grinder with dosing controls to grind your coffee freshly for every cup.

The machine can grind your beans and dose them directly into the coffee filter within 60 seconds.

The barista express has a set of single-wall filters that allows you to apply your own tamp for brewing operation.

The latest version of the machine has an innovative special magnetic lock tamper that can be used to work with a double-wall filter and it can be detached if you wish to prepare a manual tamp or use a single wall filter.

The machine is usually programed to brew a single or double-shot through the adjustment of the grinder setting to suit the user’s requirement.

The 15 bar pump and Thermo-coil heating system help to make brewing and floating simple.

Preprogrammed espresso is designed to make a single or double shot by simply pressing the corresponding button.

Breville bes870xl barista express espresso machine has a hands free portafilter that you can use to select the filter size (single or double), put them in place as the machine automatically doses the proper amount of coffee.

Where to buy Breville BES870XL barista express espresso machine

The Breville BES870XL barista expresses espresso machine is currently available on Amazon at affordable prices. The machine can be purchased online by simply placing an order on our site.

You will find the purchase physical items placed in your cart from the amazon shopping app which is usually visible on the website.

From the Amazon app for android phones, you can also shop for Breville BES870XL barista express espresso machine by simply installing the amazon app.

When you shop the machine from amazon, we ensure the item is delivered to you and help you to examine whether you have exactly received what you need through the description of features on the machine.

Our site also provides you with information about other customer’s reviews about the machine, the newest arrival or version, current price among other important descriptions you may want.

FAQs on Breville BES870XL Operations

How long does Breville Barista Express last?

  • The machine takes about 5-10 years when well maintained and cleaned frequently.

Are Breville espresso machines good?

  • The machine is of high quality with customizable settings and its convenient design makes it well worth the price.

Why is my Breville Coffee Machine Leaking?

  • The possible cause for your problem can be determined based on the location of the leak. The best solution is to check the gasket around the group head where you lock your portafilter into the machine.
  • If the gasket looks damaged, you can tear it or replace it with the spare parts that are available on our market.

How do you reset a Breville Espresso Machine?

  • If your machine develops a technical problem, you can reset it by putting one cup or two cup short volumes and press espresso water temperature while holding the program button until the machine beeps 3 times then release the program button.
  • The machine will turn to its original default setting.

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